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When your local bike shop isn't an option or you're in need of a race mechanic we can help. With over 8 years of experience working on a wide ranges of bicycles we can adjust and repair just about anything. While any labor costs are included in a bike fit (parts not included) if you need any other wrenching done on your bike you can bring the bike to us or we can come to you (exclusions apply).

Bike Service and wrenching

bike skills clinics

$75 per rider



A proper bike fit can be all the difference in the world when it comes to your ability to push in training and racing. We will work with you and your existing bike to help dial you into a position that focuses on comfort, aerodynamics and power output.

A typical bike fit takes 2-3 hours and will require a bike and everything the rider would use in a race (no need to bring the disc wheel).


Private sessions

If you are looking to improve your swim, bike or run we can help. Private Sessions give your the opportunity to have an expert analyze your every little movement. Private Sessions can be as simple as going for a ride together to work on handling skills or as detailed as video analysis of your swim stroke and a video gait analysis of your run.

A Private Session is typically the piece of training that helps to give you that extra edge and helps you make the biggest breakthroughs.

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We have 2 levels of clinics. In our Level 1 clinic we work to build your confidence on the bike through 5 key drills meant to focus your vision, body position, and cornering skills. After 3 hours in a small group you will leave with a better knowledge and understanding of how to interact with and through your bicycle. The bike handling skills you will acquire from this clinic are applicable to every level of rider on road, mountain, tri and hybrid bicycles.

You will accomplish:

  • Learning more efficient clip in/bike mount strategies
  • Riding more comfortably with different hands and in different body positions
  • Learning how to best avoid and manage obstacles in the road (ex: RR crossing)
  • The proper technique for slow speed turns
  • Managing your brakes in an emergency braking situation

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